Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A match made in hell

LOS ANGELES (AP) - "The Price Is Right" needs a host, and Rosie O'Donnell is interested. Very interested. The 45-year-old said on her blog recently that she was meeting with the "Price" people this week and that she "sure would" accept the job if they offer.

"I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT," she wrote, the capitalization underscoring her feelings.
CBS and FremantleMedia North America, which produces the hit game show, have been seeking a replacement for the venerable Bob Barker, who retired this month after 35 years as the show's host.

I haven't watched a daytime game show in well over a decade and I do not intend to start now, however it would be fun to watch Rosie attempt to do the job without exploding into insane political rants.

Think about it.

Rosie as host looking at a backyard grill being offered as a prize.

Rosie: This is a top of the line product. As well made as any on the market and when you turn up the gas as high as it will go the grill will not melt. It won't melt becuase Mosad and the CIA haven't planted any controlled demolition charges in it because we all know that fire won't melt steel! Google it, I dare you!

Announcer: Moving on to our next prize . . .

Rosie: Don't interupt me! Google it! When had fire ever melted steel? When?

Announcer: Our next prize is . . .

Rosie: Shut the f-ck up! No man tells me what to talk about! You check! 9/11 was a Reichstag fire. . .

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