Thursday, June 28, 2007

No one to blame but himself

From The Politico:

The bitter fight over a comprehensive immigration overhaul has pushed President Bush and his fellow Republicans to the brink of divorce -- and, for the first time, the opportunities for reconciliation appear severely limited.

House leaders played down the friction Wednesday, but Republicans have predicted a showdown with the White House over immigration since Democrats took control of Congress last fall. And that longstanding tension spilled out Tuesday when GOP lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to reject the Senate -- and, by turns, the White House -- immigration overhaul.

The problem is that George W Bush is not a conservative and the Republican Party is the party of conservatism. This means that the fit has never been all that good between them and something like this was bound to happen.

George W Bush has done some good things while in office. He got taxes lowered and when we were attacked on 9/11 he responded forcefully and did the right thing by going to war with our Islamofascist enemies.

Mr. Bush has appointed excellent judges to the Supreme Court (we can forgive the Harriet Meiers debacle because she did not actually get confirmed).

We should always remember these positive accomplishments which the President has in his favor and not attempt to take away the credit he has earned with them.

However by not only supporting but working so hard to achieve an amnesty for illegal aliens and an open borders policy toward Mexico he has committed an error which outweighs the good he has done. If the amnesty bill before the Senate, the one which Bush is moving heaven and earth to get passed, becomes law it will mean the literal end of the United States.

I know that political commentators often engage in hyperbole but this is not hyperbole. If the US grants an amnesty which creates a path to citizenship to the 20 - 30 million illegal aliens in the US and opens our border to tens of millions more the resulting change in the electorate will destroy the United States of America.

Oh, there will still be a place on the map called the USA, but it will not be the nation created by Jefferson and Madison and Washington and Franklin. The US has already moved as near to socialism as it can and still remain a free, prosperous and strong nation. If George W Bush is successful in this work, which he considers the most important task of his presidency, all the good things he has done will be wiped out.

This is why I believe that the Bush presidency must be judged a failure.