Friday, June 29, 2007

Some more details on the London bomb plot

From The Evening Standard:

The Baghdad-style attack would have mirrored those carried out by Al Qaeda and immediate suspicion fell on Islamic extremists.

Two Al Qaeda-linked terror plots using car bombs to target nightclubs have been foiled by Scotland Yard and MI5 in the last two years but yesterday's attack was the closest the terrorists have been to success.

It emerged last night that hours before the first bomb was found, a message on a jihadist website proclaimed: "Today I say: Rejoice by Allah, London shall be bombed."

Posted in the "Al Hesbah" chatroom, the message suggested the attack was linked to the war in Iraq and to the controversial author Salman Rushdie, whose award of a knighthood earlier this month sparked outrage in the Islamic world.

At this stage it appears that the plot was connected to al Qaeda. The Evening Standard piece mentions a similar plot which was recently uncovered in France. Note also that a part of the motive to the attempted bombing was the Salman Rushdie knighthood. It is clear that the Islamofascists will not settle for mere disengagement from the Middle East. They demand the complete reconstruction of Western society as the price of peace.

This is a price which free people should be unwilling to pay. I believe that the anglophone world will be unwilling to pay it, however I cannot be sanguine about the choice that will be made about the Spanish and French and Dutch speaking world.