Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thoughts on the London bomb plot

The New York Times is carrying a summary of what is known so far about the London bomb plot. Really no new information, but they are reporting the continued official speculation that the plot had an al Qaeda connection:

But the idea of a multiple attack using car bombs — a departure from the backpack suicide attacks of the London bombings of July 2005 — raised concerns among security experts that jihadist groups linked to Al Qaeda may have imported tactics more familiar in Iraq.

This does not necessarily mean that the people who constructed and planted the bombs were foreigners who entered the UK specifically to carry out these attacks, like the 9/11 hijackers in America.

The greatest danger today is that the work of terrorism will be carried out by native born Muslim citizens who have been radicalized. This pattern is seen all across Europe where third generation Muslims who have never been outside of Belgium or France or Britain are less assimilated than their grandparents who had spent most of their lives in Pakistan, Morocco or Egypt.

The driving force behind this is the government of Saudi Arabia's exportation of the extreme brand of Sunni Islam known as Whabbism. The Saudis have been diverting some of their billions of dollars in oil revenue to underwrite the cost of constructing mosques and Islamic religious schools throughout the world. The only condition attached to this largess is that the type of Islam being taught in these institutions be the radical Whabbism.

Adding to the trouble is the practice in many European nations of actively discouraging Muslim immigrants and their children from assimilating beyond a certain point. Bruce Bawer tells the story in his book While Europe Slept of:
". . . [A]n immigrant from a non-Western country who left Norway for eight years to attend medical school and complete his internship and residency. On his return, he went to the social services department to ask for help in finding a job (that's how things work in Norway.) He was told that they couldn't help him find a mecical position - but that if he wanted to be a trainee at a grocery store they'd be glad to be of service. And if he insisted on being a doctor? 'Go to your country and work as a doctor there, but not here!' he was told".

Throwing more fuel on the fire is the apparatus of the political left. The mainstream media in the US and Europe, the academic establishment and left-wing politicians are united in screeching as loudly as possible and to anyone who will listen that the United States and its Western allies who invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein were wrong and immoral to do so (apparently the only part of the West's Christian heritage the atheist left continues to cling to is the concept of the divine right of kings - Saddam had an absolute right to treat his subjects any way he pleased and no effort to change the situation was permitted).

The chorus of the left amplifies every setback for the West in Iraq and magnifies every success of the insurgency. The .0002% of soldiers who don't believe in the mission are held up as though they were the rightful spokesmen of the entire military and atrocity stories whispered to leftist "journalists" by "stringers" with connections to terrorist groups are believed over the sworn testimony of American officers and men.

The only narrative of the war which the left will tolerate is that the imperialist bungler George W Bush invaded the Middle East in order to steal its oil for Dick Cheney and his cronies and to force all the Muslims to become foot-washing Baptists like he is. Bushitler was aided in this by his lapdog European toadies like Tony "The Poodle" Blair. Due to the incompetence of its leadership and the unrighteousness of its cause the West had gotten itself into a quagmire from which it cannot extricate itself as the forces of an ascendant Islamic nationalism defeat its forces in detail.

This foundation myth of the modern left gives them everything they need for happiness. A just cause to support. Non-white indigenous people as allies to be patronized and a White male Christian enemy to be seen as the personification of all that is evil (George W Bush). Thus equipped the average leftist can go on his smug and sanctimonious way, filled up to the nose holes with esteem for himself and utterly oblivious to reality.

However as the song says, "You can twist perceptions but reality won't budge". Reality is two car bombs in the heart of London. Reality is that the left is serving the Islamofascists in the role of "useful idiots" as faithfully as they ever served the Soviet Union. Reality is the fact that militant jihadists hate liberal or "progressive" Westerners even more than they hate conservative Christians and Jews because their hatred of the left is mixed with the abject contempt which anyone willing to stand up and fight for what he believes in feels for the coward and the traitor.