Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Asheville, from space

I've been playing with Google Earth (very cool, BTY). Here is the Biltmore House as seen from orbit. The big rectangle with the circle in it is the front lawn with the fountain. The actual house is to the left and the garden and conservatory is at the bottom. One of the parking lots is in the upper right.

A closer image shows more detail. The stables are at the top and the rectangular area in the bottom left is the area where the Summer Evening Concerts are held. You can see what a small venue it is. This allows for a much more intimate experience with the audience much closer to the artist. More like a nightclub or music hall.

This is downtown Asheville. The Battery Park Apartments are at the top (the building casting a shadow). The Grove Arcade is at the center.

This is the Battery Park Apartment building as seen from the ground.