Thursday, July 12, 2007

Calling all beer aficionados

A reader sends this by email and asks for our assistance:

But I have a question, maybe one of your readers could help answer it.

I've now made two trips south to my new home, Texas. Both times I've indulged in beer.

The first time I purchased at a gas station and thought maybe the rules said that gas stations could only sell 3.2%. This time I went to a liquor store and was told that only one beer in their case had more than 3.2%, that being "Icehouse".

I was trying more to find the local flavor of beer than to get drunk but it is disconcerting to be on the sixth of six and feel nothing but bloat from having ingested so much barley, hopps and grain.

First time down I drank Lone Star and thought it was only middle of the road. Not as bad as warm Pabst or Schlitz, but not any better than Bud. This time I drank one of the Shiner variants that claimed to be a pale ale.

Now, normally my taste runs to the dark side in beers. Fat Tire from here in Colorado is sort of light for me. But I don't go for the bitters or stout variants. Usually a dark ale or lager.

Any beers in Texas you've heard of worth trying or just spend my money on imports?