Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm back

I'm back from the Highland Games and I can report that a good time was had by all.

As I said yesterday when I get the necessary technological upgrade to my computer I'll post some videos of The Killdares and Mother Grove to YouTube and run them as part of the ongoing Celtic music series.

I caught the first song of Coyote Run but didn't video tape it. I was set up to record the stage where the Killdares were playing and there were trees between me and the other stage. I wish that I had been able to record them because they were very good.

Of course it wouldn't have done that much good since after their first number the sky opened up and it started raining buckets. But that is often the way it is up on Grandfather Mountain.

I discovered a neat accessory for the practice chanter (used to practice the bagpipes without annoying the neighbors). A little fabric O-ring which fits around the base of the reed and soaks up the moisture from your breath. I put one on my chanter and practiced for about 15 minutes then opened the thing up and there was no moisture collected inside.

It has been difficult to think overmuch about politics and the culture wars the past few days. I'm glad that the great amnesty fight wasn't still being waged because that would have been something I couldn't have put out of my mind.

On the way up to the games on both Saturday and Sunday I was able to hear the weekend rebroadcasts of both Sean Hannity's and Mark Levin's radio shows. They both interviewed Fred Thompson and his performance only served to reinforce for me the fact that he is a genuine conservative and that he can beat Hillary.

I see that John McCain's campaign is still unraveling. NewsWeek has some of the gory details.

That's all my tired mind can come up with now. I'll post more later. Right now I have to go eat a big shortbread cookie.