Thursday, July 12, 2007

Needed expose or partisan union hit-piece?

This video is put out by the firefighters' union, here is the website which is associated with the video. I bring it to your attention so that you can watch it and make your own decision.

Those of you who read this blog know that I am so supporter of Rudolph Giuliani, however in the interest of fairness I feel compelled to point out a few things.

One, it is normal for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one under circumstances like 9/11 to want to hold someone responsible and make them pay. Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda are far away and Rudolph Giuliani is near. The fact that in hindsight some of his actions leading up to 9/11 are open to legitimate criticism makes him an easy target.

Two, while labor unions have done a great deal of good for American workers in the past, and even now make some contribution toward the well-being of the working class, they have largely outlived their usefulness. This is why they are dying off in the private sector where market forces dominate. As things stand today the overwhelming majority of unionized workers are in the public sector. This is one of the reasons for the out of control growth of government. The public employee unions support larger government out of self-interest and ally themselves with politicians who also support big government (mostly Democrats). The money and manpower they can bring to political campaigns can make a large difference in a close race.

As mayor Giuliani had a record of standing up to the public employee unions where NYC politicians had before simply rolled over and automatically gave them all or most of what they wanted. This built up a reservoir of resentment on the part of the unions and at least some of what we are seeing is payback for past confrontations.

Three, on the issue of recovering the bodies from the wreckage from the WTC, when a structure of that size collapses on a person they are not simply crushed, they are pulped. Many victims were positively identified only by DNA from a few scraps of tissue or bone scraped off the side of a girder. The recovery of every last scrap of human remains from the rubble would have been impossible and the search had to be called off at some point. And whichever point it was called off it was guaranteed to make some family members unhappy. The fact that a bunch of gold was recovered just a few hours before the search was called off is most likely not a coincidence, but the search was going to have to be called off sometime so how much longer should it have been allowed to go on just for the sake of appearances?

Four, law enforcement officers in the New York area have an alternate theory of why at least some of the firefighters did not obey the order to evacuate the building. I won't go into it because I can't prove anything, but let's just say that firemen in New York City are alleged to have something in common with Police officers in New Orleans.

Again, I'm no fan of Julie Annie and if this takes him down a peg and clears the way for Fred Thompson I'll be happy with the result, but we should remember that labor unions, especially public employee unions, have about as much credibility as Pravda or al Jazeera (only slightly better than CNN or The New York Times).