Saturday, July 14, 2007

A note to the readers

Posting was light today and will most likely be light tomorrow. I'll have some video of the music at the games up on YouTube as soon as I get a firewire card in my computer so that it can talk to my DV camcorder.

A note to reader Robert about the great Ron Paul (ass-clown) debate. I'm not just talking to you. This is for everyone else as well. When I was a member of the Libertarian Party our great goal was to get as much as 1% of the popular vote in a presidential election.

A party that obscure is likely to be largely unknown even to the readers of blogs, who tend to be above average in awareness on things political.

Ron Paul was not just a Libertarian, he was a Libertarian presidential candidate. He was able to defeat other Libertarians in a primary race where the decision on who to nominate was made by the hardest of the hard core Libertarians. The kind of people who talk about the reading of Human Action or The Road to Serfdom as the most sublime moment of their lives (for me it was Atlas Shrugged).

That Paul came out of that background is just as relevant to his candidacy as the fact that Barack Obama has attended a black separatist church pastored by a truly crazy racist for years and has spoken of it as an important influence on his life. He is trying to distance himself from it now but questions about it remain.

The same is true for Paul. He has never, at least to my knowledge, revealed his "road to Damascus" moment when he realized that the Libertarian Party, whose platfrom he was able to convince true believers that he was the best man to uphold, was too friggin' crazy to have anything to do with any more.

As things stand now it appears that he just decided that he could better serve the Libertarian agenda as a Republican, where he would at least stand a chance of winning an election.