Saturday, July 07, 2007

Obama doesn't like getting his hands dirty

Bob Novak informs us that the press is not happy with Mr. B Hussein Obama:

Newcomers among some 30 reporters who followed Sen. Barack Obama's campaign to Iowa this past week were surprised how little contact they had with the Democratic presidential candidate over two days.

Obama traveled in an SUV, at first alone and later with his family. No reporter ever entered the SUV, and Obama never visited the bus containing the reporters. One scheduled press availability was trimmed to 10 minutes.

A footnote: Obama's aloofness contrasted with Bill Clinton, accompanying Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in Iowa the same week. At the Dairy Treat in Nashua, Iowa, the former president whipped out $60 and bought malts for reporters following his wife.

It is really very simple. Obama doesn't like reporters because as a rule reporters are not likable. Mr. Clinton can get along with them because they are for the most part left-liberals and hold him in high esteem. Since Bill Clinton is a man with a deep need for the admiration of others he will bask in the company of anyone who admires him. Obama lacks that extreme need and, in addition, holds himself to be a true elite and elites do not have to endure the presence of the human equivalent of something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe before walking on the carpet. At least not willingly and for any length of time.