Sunday, July 08, 2007

The plan to save the CBS News

Drudge has a photograph of perkey Katie Couric (the new anchor of the CBS Evening News who nobody is watching) with this caption, "DRAMA SWIRLS AROUND COURIC... DEVELOPING...". There is no link.

Directly under that is this headline: CONTROVERSIAL MEDIA FIGURE PLOTS COMEBACK... DEVELOPING...

Being the skilled observer of all things media which I am I have deduced the meaning of these seemingly unrelated items.

Don Imus is being brought in by CBS to replace failed Katie Couric. The so called "Tiffany Network" is depending upon the cloud of controversy surrounding worn out has-been shock jock Imus to raise the CBS Evening News' ratings by a factor of at least 10. This should cause them to once again become at least detectable by Neilson's monitoring equipment.

Les Moonves CEO of the CBS Corporation has been rumored to have said that the key to turning the Evening News around is the ability to determine exactly how few people are actually watching the show.

I'll keep an eye on this and let you know what I find out as soon as I can.


No such luck. The story turns out to be that Couric physically attacked an editor for using the word "sputum" in a script which Katie was supposed to read on the air.


Nobody comments to say that they find it the slightest bit strange that Katie Couric is driven to violence by the word sputum?