Friday, July 20, 2007

Since we are already smacking Putin around

MOSCOW -- With two new manuals for high school history and social studies teachers, written in part by Kremlin political consultants, Russian authorities are attempting to imbue classroom debate with a nationalist outlook.

The history guide contains a laudatory review of President Vladimir Putin's years in power. "We see that practically every significant deed is connected with the name and activity of President V.V. Putin," declares its last chapter. The social studies guide is marked by intense hostility to the United States.

Both books reflect the themes dominating official political discourse here: that Putin restored Russian strength and built what the Kremlin calls a "sovereign democracy" despite American efforts to isolate the country.

I expect that new Russian history book to be on sale through any day now. I also expect it to provide a great deal of useful information to ass-clown Ron Paul in his comical campaign to convince gullible losers to send him a portion of their allowance money.

Seriously, you will see talking points from this book being parroted on Kos, DU and the Huffington Post before the end of September.