Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time to bow out

From The Washington Post:

In the mid-1990s, years before Sen. John McCain officially launched his first bid to become president, it was John Weaver who convinced the senator that he had all the ingredients to win the GOP nomination and the Oval Office.

Weaver -- a lanky, fidgety Republican strategist with a deceptively low-key Southern drawl -- would go on to become one of McCain's closest advisers during the 2000 race, an architect of the "Straight Talk Express." Weaver was also, literally, the senator's right-hand man: On the road, he would join McCain, whose range of arm motion was limited by his wounds in Vietnam, in his hotel room to help him comb his hair.

On Tuesday, McCain parted ways with his longtime aide and engineered a dramatic shake-up of his presidential campaign team as he sought to reverse a months-long downward spiral that has left him short of cash and struggling for support.

The stunning developments unfolded quickly yesterday morning after Weaver and campaign manager Terry Nelson, a key member of President Bush's 2004 reelection team, issued terse statements announcing their departures from the McCain camp.

Their exits came after several tense meetings before and after a recent trip to Iraq in which McCain expressed dissatisfaction to his high command over what he regarded as mismanagement of operations and excessive spending in the face of weaker-than-projected fundraising.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I despise John McCain, but I am beginning to feel sorry for him. He has been circling the bowl for so long that I'm surprised that he can stand up for the dizziness.

Senator McCain, I say this with all the respect which you are legitimately owed for being willing to put on your nation's uniform and go into combat in her defense and for being willing to pass up political opportunism and continue to tell the truth about Iraq and the war on terror.

Please withdraw from this race. You cannot win and by continuing to wage this hopeless campaign you draw money from other candidates who have a chance to win and you distract attention from the real campaign which is going to center on Rudolph Giuliani and Fred Thompson.

Please have the intelligence and the grace to admit when its over and walk away. I mean idiot ass-clown Ron Paul has more money than you and nobody with as many as three living brain cells thinks that he has the slightest chance so what does that tell you?