Monday, July 23, 2007

What to do about the Left?

Elements of the Left are the ones responsible for the ban on DDT which has condemned tens of millions of people in the Third World to suffering and death from malaria. There was no reason for the ban it was merely a bit of muscle flexing by environmentalists, a key component of the modern Left.

The Left takes the side of the Arabs over the Israelis and wishes to see the destruction of the only genuine functioning democracy in the Middle East. Arab citizens of Israel have more liberty than Arab citizens of any other nation in the Middle East, even serving in the Israeli parliament, but this is of no consequence to the Left. All that matters to them is that Israel is a Western nation and is therefore their enemy.

The Left opposes genetically modified foods which could save millions of residents of the world’s poorest nations from starvation and correct vitamin deficiencies which cause conditions like scurvy, rickets and blindness. Many of the most vulnerable are children. The Left knows of the suffering that its policies cause, but is unwilling to allow innovations brought about by free market capitalism to be seen as a boon to the poor. If “frankenfoods” had been developed by Cuban scientists rather than researchers working for multinational corporations the Left would be demanding their introduction worldwide.

The Left would have us surrender in Iraq proving to the Islamic world that Osama bin Laden was right in his assessment of the United States as a “paper tiger” that lacked the will to defend itself. This would be the greatest recruiting tool al Qaeda could ever hope for. Terrorism would follow retreating American forces home and 9/11 would be unique only because it was the first terrorist attack that killed thousands of Americans. The Left knows this, but does not care because they can always blame it on George W Bush.

The Left supports and spreads global warming junk science. The Left would have the developing world abandon the use of fossil fuels to generate electrical power even though this would condemn hundreds of millions of people in the world’s poorest nations to continued crushing poverty and short miserable lives. In addition the Left wishes to cripple the economies of the developed world, particularly the United States by forcing massive reductions of energy use. The resulting economic depression would dramatically lower the standard of living in North America and Europe.

During the Cold War the Left consistently took the side of the USSR against the US and its Western allies. A Pulitzer Prize winning Leftist newspaper reporter deliberately lied to his American readers and covered up the famine which was created in Ukraine as a matter of Soviet government policy. To this day the Leftist New York Times will not relinquish the Prize, even though it was won by lies which aided and abetted mass murder.

The Left supported the Nuclear Freeze Movement which would have locked in Soviet numerical superiority in nuclear weapons and they consistently opposed the Strategic Defense Initiative. It was SDI which eventually brought the communist government in the USSR down. This is regarded as a tragedy by the Left.

The Left wishes to treat terrorism as a law enforcement matter and extend the full protections of the US Constitution to captured terrorist combatants. The terrorists would use this to aid them in their terrorism. The Left knows this and does not care. To the Left a mushroom cloud over Chicago is preferable to a military tribunal or an FBI wiretap.

The Left supports amnesty for illegal aliens living in the United States in order to enslave them with chains of dependence and turn them into a reliable constituency for Left-wing politicians. That this would have the effect over several generations of turning the United States into a virtual carbon copy of Mexico, complete with all of its poverty and corruption is of no concern to the Left.

The Left is the author of, and still enthusiastically supports welfare state policies which have destroyed the black community in America. Thanks to the Left’s social policies the majority of black children in the US are born to single mothers and the majority of black men will spend time in prison at some point in their lives. While drugs and crime would exist without the Left their prevalence in the inner city are the direct results of the Left’s influence.

At the beginning of the AIDS crisis the Left insisted that the disease be treated as though it possessed civil rights. They opposed most of the sensible public health measures which would have saved the lives of multiplied thousands of people in the homosexual community.

While on the topic of homosexuals it is worth while to note that the communist governments which the Left supports, like Castro’s Cuba, typically oppress homosexuals. This is also true of the Islamic fundamentalist states whose side the Left takes against the US. With the important exception that the communists usually just send the homosexuals to slave labor camps while the Islamists stone them to death or bury them alive.

The Left supports gun control laws which leave the innocent helpless before criminal predators - predators which are often the creation of the Left’s social policies.

The Left supports abortion on demand through the entire nine months of pregnancy including the vile partial birth abortion procedure. At the same time that they have no problem with the slaughter of the most innocent members of the human race they steadfastly oppose capital punishment. They fight to protect the lives of the vilest murderers – men (and women) who have by their own actions forfeited their right to live are made icons of the Left.

It is clear from the above list that the Left is responsible for a great deal of the pain and suffering, not to mention death, in the world today. Even when there is some evil which the Left did not create they can usually be found attempting to block any effective effort to deal with the problem.

Note how the people whom the Left claims to champion – blacks, the poor, homosexuals and the citizens of Third World nations – are so often the people most harmed by their policies. The Left turns reality on its head and calls good evil and evil good.

This list is far from all-inclusive. It only consists of the things that I could list off the top of my head. Readers are invited to add their own reasons for hating the Left.

Since it has been suggested that my desire to throw them alive and screaming into a bonfire is too harsh I ask for your ideas on what is the proper punishment for those who are responsible for so much death and suffering. What do the willing handmaidens of tyrants and thugs deserve?

Understand that I am not urging anyone to go out and start killing leftists. There is a difference between what someone deserves in the abstract and what they should get in the concrete. Michael Vick deserves to be thrown into a pit and torn apart by the same dogs that he tormented, but that isn’t what the law says he deserves and no animal rights vigilante should go out and take the law into their own hands.

Leftists are utterly devoid of any value. They are nothing but a malignancy upon the human race. They are a pox and a plague but their DNA says that they are human and the law says that they have the same rights as a decent person and that the rest of us are bound to respect those rights.

But that bonfire makes such a lovely mental picture.