Thursday, July 12, 2007

WMD's cause injury in Atlanta!

Saeed Ahmed writes in the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation:

Three friends who were goofing around in an apartment with a loaded AK-47 Wednesday night are now in trouble with the law after the assault rifle discharged, seriously wounding another friend.

The injured friend, 18-year-old Preanna Grant, was in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital late Wednesday. She was struck in the buttocks by the bullet, Atlanta police said.

The three friends, including Grant's boyfriend, were in her second floor apartment at the Gateway Apartments on Northside Drive posing with two AK-47s, said Officer Ronald Campbell.

Authorities do not yet know what caused the rifle to discharge once. No other bullet was fired.

OK Saeed let me help you and the "authorities" out. Here is how a gun gets fired. Someone puts his fraking finger on the fraking trigger and applies pressure. Apply enough pressure (a few pounds worth will do it with a standard AK type rifle) and the fraking thing will fire. That is how they are designed to work.

It is the responsibility of the person who is holding the weapon to make sure that he keeps his finger off the trigger until he has the weapon pointed at something he intends to shoot. Failure to do this is negligence. If someone becomes injured because of this it is criminal negligence.

But the best part is how the Saeed ends the story:

The AK-47 is the most widely used assault rifle.

"It's considered a weapon of mass destruction," Campbell said. "It's known to go through a few walls."

I don't know of too many rifle rounds which will not penetrate interior walls. And WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION? I thought Saddam didn't have any weapons of mass destruction, yet I remember that his army was lousy with AK's. What gives? Was Bush right all along?

The boyfriend, 18-year-old Wallace Thomas, has been charged with assault and battery. The charges, Campbell said, could be upgraded if Grant's condition worsens.

Good. As I said criminal negligence. There is no excuse for aiming a weapon at another human being unless you are trying to shoot them.

The other two friends – Darryl Tiller, 21, and Michael Brown, 19 – were charged with obstruction of justice for hindering police investigation.

Again good. Lie to the cops when they are investigating a shooting and you should get into trouble.

Police do not know which of the three men owned the guns.

It is not illegal for some people to possess the rifles, Campbell said. It's just not too wise to pose with them when they are loaded.

Not illegal for "SOME" people? How do I get to be special enough to own a cheaply made foreign semi-automatic rifle which happens to look like a military assault rifle?