Friday, August 31, 2007

Just who is "Rev." Sutter?

I posted a little while back about how this "Christian" minister named Jim Sutter had listed Hillbilly White Trash along with a number of other first rate blogs and news sites as being banned in a whole list of wretched totalitarian countries, like North Korea and Red China.

Our new friend Lady Predator left a comment to that post with links to three sites which give some information about the good "reverend".

One is Exposing 'Rev.' Sutter where we learn this:

The sad part is Sutter has a history of making false allegations. Sutter was put on three years probation by a federal court for lying to the FBI about being harassed. Sutter was working for the Cleveland, Ohio BBB as a trade specialist and was investigating Edward Ohlson when he claimed he received a death threat. Sutter reported that he got a one-page letter that read, in part: "Sutter: Testify on [Edward LaMonte Ohlson] and die. Sutter also reported that he was followed by a car licensed to Ohlson's wife, Rose Ellen and gave the FBI the license number of a car that belonged to Rose Ellen Ohlson. There was just one problem with that. It seems that Mrs. Ohlson's car was inoperable for two years. Opps Sutter caught in another lie. Oh and that "death threat" well Sutter sent it to himself!

In fact it also looks like Sutter also lied about the BBB offices being burglarized where he claimed part of Ohlson's file was stolen.

Sutter was forced to resign from the BBB Aug. 13. Sutter pleaded guilty Sept. 17 before U.S. District Judge George W. White, who sentenced him to , and 60 days of house detention and three years probation.

As a result of Sutter's criminal behavior Sutter and the Cleveland BBB became defendants in a $18.1 million lawsuit. Ohlson wasn't happy being arrested as a result of Sutter's false reports to the FBI.

Another is whis offers us this:

The "Reverend" Jim Sutter would like you to believe that he is a courageous champion of tolerance, but he is actually nothing more than a megalomaniac in search of a r�sum�.

The drive for Internet fame has led this otherwise obscure Ohio man to start several blogs in which he purports to do battle with "hate mongers." In Sutter's world, this is primarily defined as anyone who is critical of Islam. His expressed goal is to censor opposing viewpoints on the "Religion of Peace" from the Internet (censorship in the name of tolerance, if that makes sense). He embellishes his appeal using the religious credentials of a "Christian minister" standing up for maligned Muslims.

Sutter also finds plenty of time to talk about himself in his many postings, which is turning out to be a personal liability given his affinity for tall tales. So intent is he on making a name for himself that there is actually an independent blog dedicated to exposing the many lies that he has spun about his background and fictitious accomplishments.

Exposing Sutter reveals plenty of amusing details about this sad, little man, including the fact that the religious credentials and degrees that he has honored himself with are as fraudulent as his claim to being a decorated Navy Seal. It seems that this convicted felon is having a real problem telling the truth about his criminal background as well.

For about 15 years Sutter has claimed to be a man of the cloth. As to which "cloth" this is exactly, well, let's just say that the story evolves with each telling. A 2005 photograph shows him posing in priest's garb, trying to bolster his claim as a "Catholic Reverend." Unfortunately for him, the Catholic clergy has no such position (and the shirt and collar can be purchased for $29.50 on-line). Sutter has recently declared himself to be a Baptist pastor - largely it seems, on the strength of a mail order certificate. He has also claimed to have three doctorates. [mail order diploma mills will sell you any degree from an AS to a PhD for a price, just like mail order ordination mills will send you an ordination certificate making you a "reverend" - for a price - LC]

[. . .]

Given his efforts to cover his tracks, and the fact that he has an obvious motivation in fibbing to impress others, Sutter may not fit the clinical definition of a pathological liar. On the other hand, this convicted felon has no apparent convictions when it comes to integrity. If caught in a lie he will either ignore the situation or try to cover it up with another story.

Sutter's blog postings are usually little more than superficial ranting spiced with damning accusations of bigotry and intolerance that are rarely supported by the rhetoric that he manages to squeeze in between liberal uses of the word "hate" and the equally ubiquitous soliloquies about himself. With reckless abandon, he seamlessly lumps critics of Islam together with racists and neo-Nazis, even while admitting to being "no expert" on the religion itself.

Not surprisingly, Sutter's attempts to keep critics of Islam as silent in the West as they are under Sharia has won him an audience with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an Islamic supremacist organization with documented ties to terrorism. Like the good "Reverend," CAIR is self-serving, arrogant and rigidly unapologetic. The group is also not above reaching deep into the bottom of the barrel to smear a critic, as spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper has done several times with Robert Spencer of

In fact, it is their shared hatred of Spencer that brought CAIR and Sutter together, and a big reason why the latter is enjoying his 15-minutes of fame.

On August 8th, the CAIR Website briefly featured Sutter�s purported 63-page "expose" on the JihadWatch founder called "The Spencer Spin." This was picked up by other Muslim sites, causing Mr. Sutter's main blog traffic to temporarily spike from less than a dozen hits a day to about a hundred (interestingly, he doesn't appear to have figured out that the IP tracker on his sidebar reports his true readership to be substantially less than the "thousands" that he often claims).

That CAIR would take the pathetically mendacious Jim Sutter seriously speaks to their desperation. That they would quote from and post a link to his document on their website speaks to their complete lack of credibility. The document is full of lies, errors and sensational but unproven claims about Robert Spencer. It will be very interesting to see if CAIR continues to stand by Sutter's work following this analysis.

Go over and read the analysis

It was obvious looking at Sutter's blog that he was a wackjob. It's nice to see my opinion vindicated.

Once again I am proud that my li'l ole blog is feared by the tyrants of North Korea, Red China and Iran.

Now if I could just get that fatwa.