Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove to leave

From The Washington Post:

Karl Rove, the architect of President Bush's two national campaigns and his most prominent adviser through 6-1/2 tumultuous years in the White House, will resign at month's end and leave politics, a White House spokeswoman said this morning.

Bush plans to make a statement with Rove on the South Lawn this morning before the president departs for his ranch near Crawford, Tex. Rove, who holds the titles of deputy chief of staff and senior adviser, has been talking about finding the right time to depart for a year, colleagues said, and decided he had to either leave now or remain through the end of the presidency.
"Obviously it's a big loss to us," White House spokeswoman Dana M. Perino said this morning. "He's a great colleague, a good friend, and a brilliant mind. He will be greatly missed. But we know he wouldn't be going if he wasn't sure this was the right time to be giving more to his family, his wife Darby and their son. He will continue to be one of the president's greatest friends."

This is one White House staff resignation which I believe happened for exactly the reasons given. With Mr. Bush's final term nearing its end the strategy for the last 18 months has been calculated, the course laid in and the autopilot engaged. From this point on the only maneuvering which will be necessary will concern military affairs in regard to Iraq and that is a job for Gen. Petraeus and the Secretary of Defense, not a political strategist.

It will be impossible for the leftists to believe that Bush will be able to think for himself so I give the Democrats in congress one month before they try to subpoena the telephone records to attempt to determine if Rove is still in daily contact with Bush.