Friday, August 03, 2007

"Mystery" solved!

From The American Thinker:

In a remarkable turnabout reminiscent of the famous John Kerry flip flop, "I was for the war before I was against the war," U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) effected a dramatic reversal last week in his position on illegal immigration.

Not more than a month earlier, Graham, or "Grahamnesty" as he was labeled, had been a strident supporter of the most extensive amnesty program in U.S. history, one cloaked in the deceptive rhetoric of humanitarianism and comprehensive immigration reform. The hypocrisy and betrayal were clearly evident a large majority of the American public.

Has Graham committed political suicide? The fallout from Graham's turnabout will provide months of edifying politics. Chronicling and reviewing Graham's reversal of his pro-amnesty position is instructive, providing an example to elected officials of the consequences they face if they pursue their own agendas despite vocal opposition by their constituents, and lose sight of their role as public servants.

What could cause Sen. Grahamnesty to make such a remarkable turnaround?

How about this:

WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Thursday backed a scaled-down proposal that imposes strict rules to end illegal immigration but doesn't include a path to citizenship.

The move away from a comprehensive measure is an about-face for the Arizona senator, who had been a leading GOP champion of a bill that included a guest worker program and would have legalized many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. It failed earlier this year.
[. . .]
McCain's immigration position has been a campaign liability among Republican voters and hurt his efforts to raise money. Other GOP presidential candidates, fellow Arizona Republicans and immigration opponents throughout the country have loudly decried his position.

What you have to remember about Lindsay Graham is that he is nothing, and never will be anything, more than John McCain's detestable little butt-boy. John McCain saw his quixotic presidential campaign collapsing around him and panicked. He figured that if he pretended to "get it" on immigration that the masses would return to worship at his feet.

When McCain changes direction his wretched little sycophant has no choice but to change with him.

Mystery solved.