Thursday, August 30, 2007

Off to a good start

From The Washington Times:

About 20 percent of students enrolled in D.C. public schools were absent on the second day of class this week, according to attendance records provided by school system officials.

Many students who had enrolled were not present because they had not registered for classes, Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee said last night. It was not clear yesterday how much of the attendance problem was due to students who had not registered on time and how much was due to students who didn't show up for other reasons.

"I think we can improve attendance overall," Mrs. Rhee said. "Attendance is something we can definitely work on."

Ya think?

Seriously who wouldn't want to go to a:

Government run institution where you are required to go whether you want to or not.

A place which you are being sent to for your own good and the good of society.

A place which you are told has the potential to make you a better person.

Where you arrive on a bus with a bunch of others who also don't want to be there.

Where the food is bad.

Where your time is scheduled for you by people who don't care what you would rather be doing.

Where your behavior is is watched by government functionaries who can punish you if you break rules that you had no part in drafting and did not consent to.

Where you are required to labor at tasks which are assigned to you and whose relevance you may or may not understand and respect.

A place with a rigid social pecking order where the strong dominate the weak, often making their lives a living hell.

I've forgotten, what am I talking about? This:

Or this:

It can be hard to tell the difference.