Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Singh Defends Nuclear Deal

From The Washington Post:

NEW DELHI, Aug. 13 -- Amid angry protests from lawmakers, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured the nation Monday that India was free to conduct nuclear tests and that its nuclear weapons program would remain untouched under a controversial nuclear energy deal with the United States.

Singh defended the historic agreement during a speech in Parliament, even as opposition members stormed the floor of the chamber shouting, "Take back the nuclear deal!" The prime minister assured lawmakers that India's sovereignty had not been compromised and that many of the country's concerns had been addressed during earlier negotiations with the United States.
[. . .]

India conducted a nuclear test in 1998 under the rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which also initiated the strategic partnership dialogue with the United States. Though party members have criticized the deal, analysts say their opposition is merely tactical.

After the British withdrew from India the Indians wasted decades trying to make socialism work and alligning their forigen policy with the Soviet Union. Thy have only recently abandoned that foolishness which is why they are now experiencing explosive economic growth and a rapidly rising standard of living.

Part of their great rethinking of all things important is the seeking of closer ties to the United States. This is good for the US since we have at most one more generation that we can count on Europe to even pretend to be our allies.