Friday, August 03, 2007

Speaking of those we'd be better off without

Yesterday I was reading the blog Knowledge is Power when I ran across a post by SondraK where she mentioned that another blog was compiling a list of conservatives that we could do without. I followed the link and wound up on the blog run by Miss Priss (something I would not have done if I had known - there was warning there, but with over 70 million blogs on the Internet there must be thousands run by people named Steve).

Here are the conservatives who Priss thinks we can do without:

1. Pamela Geller, who bloggs at Atlas Shrugs. Pamela is Jewish and her blog is centered on the Global War on Terror, Israel and the growing antisemitism of the American and European Left. Pamela is also an attractive woman who makes no attempt to hide that fact. This sends some female bloggers, like Priss and at least one of her friends, into paroxysms of foaming madness and has led them to try to hang the nickname "Atlas Juggs" around Ms. Geller's neck.

2. Joel Surnow, creator and executive producer of the television series 24. Priss's reason for adding Mr. Surnow to her list is a good example of why she has earned the nickname of Miss Priss, "What the hell were you thinking? Weren't you rich enough WITHOUT making the entire right wing look like bigoted pinheads who laugh at bad jokes and have sexual fantasies about torturing terrorists?" In other words all that icky violence makes her have nightmares.

3. Ann Coulter. Miss Ann earns Priss's ire because she called Arab Islamofascist terrorists "ragheads" and implied that the Breck Girl might be a "faggot". Or at least that is what Priss says she doesn't like about Ann. I think that what really has her panties in a wad is the knowledge that Ann, as well as Pamela Geller and just about every other woman who has ever been born is more of a man than she is. You know that Misha posts things far more "outrageous" than Ann has ever said every single day yet Priss has never attacked him. You know why? Ann is a giant with her string of NYT best selling books and her widely read newspaper column and her frequent appearences on television. She would need an electron microscope to even detect something as small as Priss and her blog and her failed book. Misha, on the other hand, is just another blogger and might well notice Priss and come to Florida and kick her ass. This is the kind of thing that causes Priss to lose control of her bowels.

4. Jim Robinson of Free Republic. After all the people who post at Free Republic have testosterone and that makes people like Priss cry.

5 & 6 are Roger Simon and Glenn Reynolds and they earn their place on Priss's list because of the way that Simon treated Dennis The Peasant in the creation of Pajamas Media. It is a long and involved story, but after reading Dennis's blog for some time I have about come to the conclusion that they kicked him out just because they didn't want to be in business with such a raging asshole. That doesn't mean that he was treated fairly, but I'm definitely not going to from a judgement based on his word alone.

7. Michael Savage. Since I don't listen to Savage I can't make a judgement, however if you can know a man by his enemies . . .

8, 9 & 10 are Ron Paul, John McCain and Arlen Specter. None of them belong on a list of conservatives. Paul is a libertarian, McCain is an amoral opportunist with no true ideology other than self promotion and Specter is a liberal.

Priss then closes with this:

". . .add to the list if you want. And just in case you think it's witty to put me on it, let me disembowel the joke by mentioning it in advance. Now go ahead."

Don't worry Priss, nobody's going to put you on a list of conservatives - even bad ones. Now if we were compiling a list called "simpering mincing effeminate failed authors who the world could do without" you'd be right at the top.