Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Talking to leftists

From The Washington Times:

"The YearlyKos presidential forum here in Chicago did such a wonderful job of spotlighting the extreme elements of the Democratic Party that conservatives should hope that they make it a monthly, even weekly, event," Chicago Tribune columnist Dennis Byrne writes at www.RealClear

"Consider: It really takes something to make Hillary Clinton look good, but the leftwing bloggers who partake of the poisonous rhetoric that flows on the Daily Kos web site pulled it off. Of course, making Clinton look good isn't saying much when you're sharing the debating stage with the other Democratic candidates, there to kowtow to their base," Mr. Byrne said.

"When Clinton spoke the truth at the forum about lobbying practices in Washington, the crowd roundly booed her. Asked about taking campaign money from lobbyists, she pointed out that lobbyists 'represent real Americans. They actually do. They represent nurses, they represent, you know, social workers. They represent — yes they represent corporations that employ a lot of people.'

"See, right there she stepped in it, not just on the lobbying thing, but acknowledging what the lefties don't want to hear: Corporations, for all their faults, do something good; they give people jobs.

"Amid the boos, she might have added — if she could have been heard — that people make their livings representing them too. There are abortion industry lobbyists, twisting arms for 'a woman's right to choose.' Other lobbyists are prowling the halls of Congress on behalf 12 million illegal aliens yearning (we're told) for citizenship, universal health care, global (un)warming, family farmers, teachers — I could go on forever listing lobbyists who are excused or ignored by the left because they are doing it for 'good causes.' ...

"Clinton discovered what conservatives long have known: Talking to lefties is like trying to talk to children. Rational argument and facts don't impress."

This is why I get exasperated with the left-wing trolls that come here. You lay out facts and to them it's just white noise. All they want to do is spew whatever talking point they picked up on their last visit to dailykos or Democrat Underground then go back to their job at McDonald's and tell the gang how they "really showed" some conservative.