Sunday, August 05, 2007

Those deadly Christians

From The Brussels Journal:

A quote from The Independent, 5 August 2007

We have nothing to fear from al-Qa’ida. Christian fundamentalists are the real extremist threat. That’s the message from the writers of a new play being shown at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. […] The writers said that, while there is public discussion about the dangers of radical Islamic groups, the influence of the Christian far right is underestimated. “I’ve been very sensitive to extremists in other religions, particularly Islam, being demonised,” said Badham. “I find the Christian right groups that are enormously powerful in our own culture a larger numerical threat than extreme Islam. […] Bush is from the religious right and he has the bomb; that terrifies me far more than the potential of other extremists to get their hands on nuclear weapons. In the religious right it is the self-appointed moral majority that sets its own rules, and anybody opposing them is labelled unpatriotic and shouted down.”

Normally I figure that when your opponents are making fools out of themselves the best thing to do is stand back and let them. After all when someone sends a link which suggests that America's surveillance of Islamist terrorists is EXACTLY THE SAME as Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe's spying on the opponents of his regime I let the comment stand. After all if the two things are equivalent that must mean that the Zimbabwean and American governments are no different. Which would logically mean that there was no difference between a Soviet dissident like Alexander Solzhenitsyn and an American "dissident" like Huey Newton (head of the Black Panther Party and convicted murderer and drug dealer) since both opposed illegitimate regimes.

Of course reasoning like that does nothing but prove that you are utterly and completely not to be taken seriously and that nothing else that comes out of your mouth after that should be paid the slightest bit of attention to.

However sometimes something so egregiously stupid comes along that it just begs to be answered and the above bit of Scottish foolishness is such.

How many times has the "Christian Right" used nuclear weapons? If George W Bush is motivated only by his extreme fanatical Christianity then why is he working closely with polytheistic, Hindu India to give them nuclear technology? Why is he extending the umbrella of American protection over Jewish Israel?

Some loon sent a link to a story about some Christians in Africa or Asia who cut the head off of a Muslim in response to anti-Christian violence committed by Muslims. Is that what the Left wants to stand on? The fact that somewhere some Christians were pushed over the edge and retaliated to Islamofascist murder by giving as good as they got?