Friday, August 10, 2007

Why Libertarians are ass-clowns

Ace of Spades has a post up called Why I Hate Libertarians. Here is a sample:

Although it's true that libertarians do share some policy goals with conservatives, they do so, by and large, for bad reasons, or, to put it more neutrally, for reasons that conservatives reject. Libertarians share with Marxists an utter contempt which what are frequently called the sensibilities and habits of the bourgeoisie, and, like Marxists, view these sensibilities and habits to be a large impediment to the creation of a good society. They must be mocked and undermined at all turns if the libertarian project is ever to succeed-- all this regard for children and families and basic moral restraint is just illogical and must be subverted for the good of the world.

And like Marxists, of course, they tend to view themselves as part of an enlightened Vanguard which is destined to lead the rabble while of course not being of the rabble.

While they arrive, on some issues, at the same place, libertarians get there by a very different path, and it's little wonder they disagree so strongly with conservatives on all but a few issues. Their entire philosophy and worldview is predicated on a set of assumptions more common among leftists and actual Marxists than conservatives.

We saw a bit of this in the immigration debate: Libertarians largely believed the idea that American citizens should have some sort of competitive advantage in the workplace over non-American illegal immigrants to be largely illogical, an indefensible sentimentalist preference for Americans over non-Americans, and, of course, probably racist to boot. After all, who says Americans should have an advantage over non-Americans in the job market, apart from silly illogical ideas of patriotism and petty tribalism? A very bourgeoisie notion -- actually, perhaps a bit worse than that; a very blue-collar/white trash/redneck sort of sentiment -- and hence scornfully dismissed as nativism and jingoism.

[. . . ]

Can this marriage be saved? I doubt it. Quite frankly it was a marriage of convenience from the get-go and having been in it for far too long I find my mind drifting to happy "accidents" that might befall my condescending, self-centered, juvenile, embarrassing spouse, so that I might yet be free to date again.

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The marriage he is talking about is the alliance between conservatives and libertarians.

I've known for some time that Libertarians were Utopian fantasists and that like other Utopians they would, should they ever gain real power, prove as bloodthirsty and murderous in pursuit of their ideal society as any Marxist or Nazi.

It is simply a function of human nature that when one believes that it is within his power to achieve perfection that any sacrifice becomes worthwhile.