Sunday, September 16, 2007

Asked and answered

When I post a Cox & Forkum political cartoon I usually let it speak for itself, but this time I thought I would answer a question which they raise. They list a great number of reasons why the United States would be legally, morally and strategically justified in engaging Iran militarily and ask what we're waiting for. Here's the answer:

The president understands that any action against Iran would pour gasoline on the already smoldering fire of America's Civil Cold War between the political left and the sane people. The administration is having enough trouble maintaining our commitment in Iraq to keep that nation from disintegrating into real civil war and genocide to open a war on another front.

Let me be clear here. The difficulty in maintaining our commitment is not due to a lack of resources on our part but stems entirely from the fact that the party of treason controls both the legislature and the organs of the mainstream media. As long as that situation remains unchanged the accomplishment of any worthwhile goal will be vicious uphill battle.

Bottom line: If you don't want to see Iran get atomic weapons and start throwing nukes around there is one way to stop it. Vote Republican in 11/08. ANY or the Republicans (other than ass-clown Ron Paul) would be orders of magnitude better than any of the Democrats on issues of national security and foreign policy and those, like it or not, are going to be the issues which trump every other concern for the foreseeable future.