Friday, September 21, 2007

Julie makes his pitch to the NRA

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Glossing over the less appealing line items on his gun control resume, ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani presented himself as sympathetic to the aims of the National Rifle Association and pledged, as president, to protect gun rights.

"Your right to bear arms is based on a reasonable degree of safety," he said.

He indicated that he would oppose new efforts to tighten national gun laws.

"I believe that law endforcement should focus on enforcing the laws that exist on the books as opposed to passing new extensions of laws," he said. "A person's home is their castle. They have the right to protect themselves in their own home."

Giulaini explained the lawsuit he initiated in 2000 against gun manufacturers by saying that he was "excessive in everyway that I could think of in order to reduce crime" but said that "intervening events" like September 11th had caused his views to evolve. "I think that lawsuit has gone in the direction that I don't agree with."

He cited a DC court ruling overturning the city's gun ban as instrumental to changing and "strengthening" his views on gun control. That ruling, Parker vs. the District of Columbia, was handed down just as Giuliani was beginning his presidential bid.

I'll grant that his current line is something of an improvement over his position on gun control when he was mayor, however I will need more if he wants my vote.

For example I want him to explain that he now realizes that crime in New York City fell in spite of strict gun control, not because of it. After all the Sullivan Act, NYC's gun control law, was passed in the early days of the 20th century and were in full force during the Dinkins administration when crime in the city hit its all time high.

I want some indication that he acknowledges this.

I also think that it is fine the he believes that every man's home is his castle and that he has a right to defend himself in his castle, but what about on the street? I want Giuliani to tell us that he now understands that every law abiding citizen of these United States has the right to carry a gun on his person anyplace where he has a right to be.

It is good that Rudy realizes that he isn't going to win without gun owners. Now let him really earn our votes.