Friday, September 14, 2007

The Left has a new project

Asserting that many state laws targeting convicted sex offenders violate the rights of people who pose a minimal risk to others, a newly published Human Rights Watch report (titled “No Easy Answers”) calls for the repeal of laws that restrict ex-offenders from living near schools, parks and other designated facilities. “Residency restrictions solve nothing,” says Sarah Tofte, the HRW report’s principal author. “They simply make it nearly impossible for former offenders to put their lives back together.”

Claiming that recidivism rates are lower than claimed by tough-on-crime politicians, the report also opposes laws that require the registration of convicted sex offenders and the creation of online, publicly accessible registries listing the names of such individuals. “These are laws that weren’t based on reason -- they were based on a few horrific cases,” says Jamie Fellner, Director of HRW’s U.S. program. The report further contends that while state laws aim chiefly to protect children from sexual abuse by strangers, most abuse is actually committed by family members and trusted authority figures.

Fighting the Left is like fighting the Hydra. They come at you from every side 24/7/365. If they aren't trying to engineer defeat on the battlefield for American military forces they are trying to make it easier for pedophiles to live next to your children's elementary school.

If they aren't vandalizing a memorial to fallen heroes they are attempting to grant amnesty to alien criminals and restore voting rights to felons so that they can all vote for Democrats. And in their spare time they pick your pocket in order to provide taxpayer funding for unspeakably ugly/obscene/blasphemous "art" to be displayed in public places.

If there is anything good or decent or innocent or beautiful or noble or worthy or holy or brave or in anyway praiseworthy in this nation you can bet your last dollar that a gang of leftists will be gathered around it - trying to destroy it.