Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Pod-People are still around

A reader seems to think that everything wrong in the Iraq war would magically become right if only congress had "declared war".

Ron Paul is against Unconstitutionally, Undeclared , Preemptive Wars ... READ your Constitution! - if congress had actually declared war our position would be quite different.

First, there is nothing in the constitution specifying the exact wording of a declaration of war. The congressional vote to authorize the use of force was perfectly legal. If you doubt that then show me where in the constitution it says that congress MAY NOT use military force unless the wording of the authorizing legislation meets the approval of a fringe political movement representing about 1% of the population.

But that is beside the point. How would a "properly" worded declaration of war change anything? The opposition to the war from the, dailykos, Code Pink and the other far left groups is a function of who they are and what their priorities are. George W Bush is president so that makes Iraq "Bush's War" and America MUST lose because the hated Bush MUST lose. It doesn't matter how many Americans or Iraqis die. It doesn't matter what kind of genocidial bloodbath erupts in Iraq when we leave prematurely. It doesn't matter how many Muslims flock to the banner of al Qaeda and other Islamofascists groups after they are perceived to have "defeated" America and how much terrorism flows from that and how many Americans die on US soil in those terrorist attacks. Not as long as Bu$Hitler is defeated and humiliated.

Did you see the hearings the other day when they were interrupted by the Code Pink moonbats? Do you seriously think that people who are that certifiably insane would say, "oh, there has been an "official" declaration of war so we had better go back on our meds and get behind the president the way Republicans got behind Roosevelt during WWII because when your nation is at war the only thing that matters is victory"?

Are you that delusional?