Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tonight's Music

This is The Belle Stars version of Iko Iko, a children's Carnival (Mardis Gras) song from New Orleans. The best version was recorded by The Dixie Cups, but I couldn't find a stand alone version of it on YouTube.

Here are the lyrics:

my grandma and your grandma were
sittin' by the fire
my grandma told your grandma
"i'm gonna set your flag on fire."

talkin' 'bout, hey now ! hey now !
i ko, i ko, un-day
jockamo feeno ai nane
jockamo fee nane

look at my king all dressed in red
i ko i ko un-day
i betcha five dollars he'll kill you dead
jockamo fee nane

my flag boy and your flag boy were
sittin' by the fire.
my flag boy told your flag boy
"i'm gonna set your flag on fire."

see that guy all dressed in green
i-ko, i-ko, unday.
he's not a man;
he's a lovin' machine
jocka mo fee nane