Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another problem for Ron Paul, the ass-clown

Rick Moran doesn't have to dig too deep to find yet another unsavory character marching in lockstep with the other Ron Paul (the ass-clown) pod-people:

Following the revelation that the Ron Paul campaign refused to acknowledge and return a donation from a white supremacist, it has been revealed that the Paul campaign paid notorious conspiracy nut and 9/11 truther radio host Alex Jones $1300 in "services."

Jones, whose rants about black helicopters and the loony conspiracies surrounding "The New World Order" have been an internet staple for the unbalanced among us for years, has become something of a cult hero for his pushing 9/11 conspiracy theories about the US government's purported involvement in the tragedy.

Ed Morrissey notes the significance:

This goes much closer to the heart of Paul's direction. While anyone can contribute to a political campaign, the choice of where the money goes is directly and completely relevant to an analysis of the candidate. If Paul chooses to help fund a 9/11 Truther, voters can reasonably conclude that Paul has sympathy for the paranoid conspiracy theorists.

The Paul campaign really has to explain their support of Alex Jones, more so than they need to explain the David Black contribution. So far, they haven't explained either one.

Paul's paranoid followers probably see nothing wrong with using the "services" of this nut who has been dismissed as a crank by both liberals and conservatives. But the rest of America should take note and judge the candidate accordingly.

Of course the pod-people will just take another sip of kool-aid and denounce this as just another attempt to smear their god. However sane people will understand that Paul has once again shown himself to be willing to crawl into bed with a detestable lowlife.

Someone at this point will wish to point out that Hillary Clinton's bed would have to be the size of a supercarrier's flight deck to accommodate all the lowlifes with whom she is in league. However the fact that both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are nothing but a couple of buckets of sewage dipped up from the septic tank of the Arkansas state penitentiary has already been established beyond any possible refutation. What we are talking about here is the character of the supposedly "principled" libertarian Republican Ron Paul, the ass-clown.

First Paul responds in a generally positive way to a "truther" who wants him to join nutjob Dennis Kucinich's efforts to prove that 9/11 was an "inside job". Next he is found to have accepted a donation from a white supremacist, which he refused to return. Then it is found that the white supremacist Holocaust denying website is supporting him and helping him raise money, a fact that he will neither acknowledge nor do anything to discourage. Finally he is found to be employing the services of one of the Internet's most odious conspiracy theorists.

Of course we must not forget to mention the dishonest manipulation of online polls by Paul's pod-people followers. A practice which got Paul's name banned from the GOP Straw Poll and which is apparently being directed out of the office of Paul's campaign manager (details here).

Of course the pod-people tried to spin this as the Republican establishment's "fear" of Paul. WorldNetDaily columnist Vox Day also takes up this theme here. What all the kool-aid besotted pod-brains need to understand is that the only people who come anywhere close to being "scared" of Ron Paul are Smeagol and his followers because Paul gives the kook from Cleveland serious competition for the honor of being the craziest person in the 2008 presidential race.

Some will doubtless say that I'm showing my fear of Paul by writing this. Sorry, it isn't fear. I fear Hillary Clinton because of the damage she would do to the nation if she were elected. I fear Rudolph Giuliani because if he is elected he will destroy the Republican Party. Yes, he may very well keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, but after his two terms in office the Republican Party which has expelled too many of its religious conservatives and has no one with the stature of "America's Mayor" to pull in liberal votes will never win another presidential election (and damn few congressional elections either). With what is left of the Republican Party no longer to able to provide a conservative alternative Democrats every bit as extreme as Hillary Clinton will win an unbroken chain of presidential elections until the nation created by men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson looks more like the nation created by men like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

I do not fear Ron Paul. I am grateful to him for providing a bit of comedy relief in what may very well be the last election that matters in the history of the United States. Every time you peek under the wet rock he calls home some new bit of wackiness comes scurrying out for us to poke fun at. One time it will be a 9/11 conspiracist, another time its a neo-nazi. What will be next a UFO contactee (see what I mean about horning in on Smeagol's territory)?

Sometimes I am tempted to feel guilty about Paul bashing. It's sort of like making fun of the retarded kid who lives down the block, but then I remember that Paul is a medical doctor and an elected member of congress who has been a presidential candidate before. I also remind myself that all of his wounds are self inflicted.

When it was revealed that a white power fanatic was financially supporting his campaign he could have promptly returned the money and publicly denounced Stormfront and everything it stands for. Just like any other Republican would have done. When confronted with a 9/11 conspiracy loon he could have the sense that even Bill Clinton showed and shut the moron down. But no, he treats their ideas as though they didn't originate somewhere out beyond the Oort Cloud and then puts one on the payroll. Paul's campaign manager calls up the guy who runs the GOP Straw Poll and starts pumping him for information on the online poll's security measures. Then the poll starts getting spammed and Paul will not only refuse to fire his campaign manager and tell his supporters to stop shaming him with such juvenile misbehavior he won't even address the issue.

In other words he just isn't someone to take seriously. But he is never boring.