Friday, October 19, 2007

Brownback says Rudy will not be the nominee


WASHINGTON, DC -- After his Values Voters speech here, in which he called for all Americans to defend life at every stage, Brownback refused to confirm the news that he is dropping out of the presidential race this afternoon. “I’m headed back to Kansas and I’ll be making an announcement there,” he said.

The Kansas senator did acknowledge, however, that he is convinced the Republican Party will nominate a “pro-life candidate,” and he feels that Giuliani does not fit the bill. “Governor Romney’s certainly taken a pro-life position now,” Brownback said to reporters after his speech. “We’ll see if that’s something that can persuade the American public. My criticism of [Romney] has been that you need someone that believes in the cause to persuade the American public, and if it’s seen as switching on a lot of topics it’s tough to persuade the American public. Mayor Giuliani has said he’s pro-choice.”

It seems that among those who for whatever reason don't believe that Fred Thompson is the right man that support is coming together around Romney.

While I continue to prefer Thompson I have no problem with Romney.