Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Clinton Machine unmasks itself

I haven't posted anything about the "Limbaugh controversy" because, frankly, it didn't seem to be the slightest bit newsworthy. After all this is far from the first time that something Rush has said has been taken completely out of context, or completely falsified, and used to condemn him.

I was actually listening when Rush described the shameful exploits of Jesse MacBeth who claimed to have been an Army Ranger who served in Iraq and to have witnessed and participated in numerous atrocities against Iraqi civilians.

In fact MacBeth washed out of boot camp after just 44 days. He was never even in Iraq and has been sentenced to jail time for falsifying a Department of Veterans Affairs claim and his Army Discharge record. MacBeth is not the only "phony soldier" to have made grandiose claims about their wartime service which proved to be false or exaggerated (think John Kerry). In fact several have been prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act.

Rush's point was that the kind of servicemen which the Left truly loves and holds up as heroes are the sort who either didn't serve at all, like MacBeth, or those who seriously misrepresent their service, like Kerry, in order to spread lies about and smear those who really serve their country in combat.

Of course his words were taken out of context by a Clinton front-group called Media Matters who are attempting to sell the idea that Rush said that every member of the military who disagrees with the war is a "phony soldier".

As I said, not newsworthy. A prominent and effective conservative says something which wounds the left and they respond with the only tool which is available to them, the big lie.

The only thing which really surprised me was the flimsy nature of the smear. After all it is only necessary to listen to the actual recording of what Rush actually said to understand that the Media Maters/Clinton Machine/Democrat Party story is a complete fabrication. However the reason for this desperate attempt to get the public's attention onto Limbaugh occurred to me today.

The truth is that the MoveOn.org "General Betray Us" ad had damaged the image of the Democrat Party badly. The Democrat Party needs to get the public's attention shifted off of their genuine lack of patriotism and onto some other target.

Of course elected Democrats could have just stood up and denounced the MoveOn.org ad. It would have been the right thing to do and it would have played well with the average American. However they could not afford to do so because the moonbat left has become the Democrat Party's base and main source of funding. If any elected Democrat had stood up and insulted the lunatic fringe they would have painted a giant bullseye on their backs and invited the same treatment which Joe Lieberman (almost the only honorable man in the Democrat Party - until they drove him out) received.

So the only desperate play they could make was to attempt to find another target for the public's outrage. Well it isn't going to work. Too many people listen to Limbaugh and too many people know what kind of people really make up the modern Democrat Party for it to work. All the moonbats have done is direct a few hundred thousand more people to Limbaugh's show and website and make themselves look like the jackasses which they are.

Every day the Democrats keep this story alive is just another day in which they make themselves look smaller.