Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm the craziest - No I'm the craziest!

From The Washington Post:

In the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, Iran has become the new Iraq.

Iran is now the front line in a foreign policy debate that has found Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) defending a vote that her rivals said could embolden President Bush to once again launch unilateral military action against a Middle Eastern nation.

The discussion is almost identical to one that took place earlier in the campaign over Clinton's 2002 vote for the resolution authorizing Bush to go to war in Iraq, except that, in this case, she finds herself on the opposite side of all her leading rivals for the nomination.

The focus on Iran highlights the extent to which national security remains the key fault line in the Democratic race as Clinton's opponents seek to slow her momentum. With the administration now preparing to designate a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization and to impose sanctions on Iran, the debate is only likely to intensify.

Clinton has moved aggressively to contain any possible damage. Over the weekend, her campaign flooded Iowa -- the most competitive state in the Democratic contest -- with a mailer that included a lengthy letter from the candidate explaining why she supported a Senate measure urging the administration to label the IRGC a terrorist organization.

The flier, which came two weeks after a testy public exchange over the issue between Clinton and an Iowa voter, also contained a rebuttal of statements by critics of the amendment. That rebuttal came from Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), who voted the same way Clinton did on the measure and who also happens to be one of the leading supporters of a rival, Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.).

Obama, who opposed the measure but was absent on the day of the vote, has been among Clinton's harshest critics. He followed her foray into the mailboxes of Iowa Democrats with a flier of his own challenging her judgment and telling voters that he is the only leading candidate who opposed both the Iraq war and the Iran amendment.

But Obama's critics, including some of his rivals, contend that the Illinois senator is on shaky ground because, earlier, he joined Clinton in support of a pending measure that would also label the IRGC a terrorist organization.

Former senator John Edwards (N.C.) has been even more relentless. He attacked Clinton hours after the vote and has not let up on his criticism since. Sens. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Del.) and Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.), who voted against the measure, and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson have eagerly joined in the attacks.

Edwards, who, like Clinton, supported the 2002 Iraq war resolution, said she failed to learn a lesson from that episode. "I think it's an enormous mistake to give George Bush the first step in the authority to move militarily on Iran," Edwards said in a telephone interview from Iowa yesterday. "My view is that the resolution on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard did that."

Biden, in a session with Washington Post editors and reporters yesterday, said labeling the IRGC as a terrorist group was a "serious, serious mistake" because it could force the United States to back up the designation with action. "Big nations can't bluff," he said.

I would say, "It's official, the Democrat Party has lost its mind", but that became "official" the day they nominated McGovern and they haven't looked back since.

I wondered how long it was going to take them to start arguing with each other over which of them would make it easier for Iran to go nuclear. I guess I have my answer.

I do hope they realize that this is only going to make Mrs. Bill Clinton look better in the eyes of anyone who isn't crazy as a shithouse rat.