Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marxist family hasn't had enough

From The Washington Post:

A Maryland family caught in the partisan crossfire over a children's health-care bill in Congress is now stepping back into the divisive debate, advocating this time for state legislation that would expand coverage for adults.

Three weeks ago, after 12-year-old Graeme Frost offered a radio appeal for expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), his family became fodder for conservative bloggers. The Frosts were derided as freeloaders who relied on government insurance for their children while they sent two to private school. Bloggers staked out their Baltimore rowhouse, declaring it too fancy for a family that can't afford to pay for health insurance. Commentator Rush Limbaugh imitated Graeme Frost's voice, damaged in a car accident, and said congressional Democrats were using the boy to "advance a distortion."

Democrats rushed to the boy's defense, accusing conservatives of distorting the family's finances and attacking Graeme unfairly. Gary Trudeau crystallized the fallout in yesterday's Doonesbury comic strip: "It's one thing to Swift-boat a grown man," his cartoon character asks at a faux White House news conference. "But isn't it a bit beyond the pale to attack a 12-year-old boy?"

Yesterday, the boy's mother, Bonnie Frost, stood before a microphone at a Baltimore church, in a peasant shirt and clogs, to make a quiet appeal for broader health coverage in Maryland.

"My husband and I cannot afford health insurance," she said, as advocates announced a new radio ad featuring her. The plan, to be debated as the legislature convenes in Annapolis next week, "would help a lot of working families like us."

She said she didn't hesitate to join the Maryland effort, despite the events of the past three weeks. "I'm not going to let the nasty bloggers scare me away from standing up for what's important," she said yesterday.

TRANSLATION: "I am a committed socialist and I will do everything in my power to advance my left-wing cause, to the detriment of the United States, even if I have to exploit my child."

Someone page Cindy Sheehan, she has competition.

You can read the Wiki article for a good summary of the back and forth on this, but the bottom line is that the family owns more than $400,000 worth of real property in Baltimore and the father chooses to operate a small business which does not generate enough income to afford health insurance instead of seeking a job with a larger company which would furnish health insurance to him and his family.

In other words we have a family which is light years away from being poor who wish for their fellow citizens to underwrite their lavish lifestyle. I do not blame their children, they are just kids after all. However these parents are utterly beneath contempt.

These people are lower than common armed robbers. At least the robber has the courage to take the risk upon himself. He knows that if the police catch him he will go to jail. He knows that if he picks an armed victim that he could wind up being shot or even killed. This pair of fraking parasites, these leaches, these tapeworms lodged in the bowels of society lack the courage to do their own stealing. They want to send the government out to do their stealing on their behalf.

I don't blame the children now, but think about what they will be like as adults after being raised to be the moral equivalent of ticks.

In the old days people this craven could have expected a midnight visit from people with torches and horsewhips. But today we are too "civilized".