Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mea Culpa

Every once in a while I will pop in on blogs in the Hillbilly Ecosystem to see how they are doing. I used to read every one of them every day - back when there were only 5 or 6 - but with over 90 on the blogroll there just isn't time.

Sometimes I see that a blog has been deleted so I remove it from the blogroll. Other times I see that the blog is still there but all reference to the Hillbilly Ecosystem has been removed. Neither the button nor the blogroll is anywhere to be found. So I delete them from the blogroll as well.

People join the Ecosystem for the same reason that I created it (with critical input from the Dowager Viscountess), that is because they think that it's funny and they want links to their blog to appear on the 90 plus other members' blogs. But if you are not willing to advertise the Ecosystem then the Ecosystem isn't going to advertise you.

Which brings us to the mea culpa. I accidentally dropped the Team Swap Blog from the Ecosystem blogroll. They have been added back to the blogroll and I apologize for the mistake.

They have a great blog and they are doing their part to uphold the Hillbilly Ethic in a cold and cruel world.

If you are a blogger and you think the Hillbilly Ecosystem is for you either because you are a hillbilly or because you dig the hillbilly way (guns, corn likker and women dressed like Daisy Duke, what's not to like) click on the roadsign button on my side bar and follow the directions. We are over 90 blogs now and it would be nice to hit 100 before the end of the year.