Sunday, October 07, 2007

A question for the Giuliani supporters

From Rasmussen:

On Saturday, it was Giuliani’s turn to receive news that could threaten his candidacy. A group of influential Christian conservative leaders threatened to consider backing a third-party candidate if the former New York City Mayor wins the GOP nomination. While such a third-party campaign would likely attract only a small percentage of the vote, that could be enough to doom any GOP hopes of winning the White House in 2008. Earlier in the week, the campaign’s chief fund-raiser resigned amidst speculation that third quarter fund raising may not have been up to expectations. These news items are particularly troubling for Giuliani because much of his current success is based upon the perception that he is the most electable Republican candidate.

Here's the question. If Rudolph Giuliani knows going into the general election that his presence at the top of the ticket will spit the Republican Party enough to guarantee a Democrat victory and he still chooses to run does that tell us anything about his character?

If Giuliani's supporters go into the voting booth on primary day and cast a primary vote for Rudolph Giuliani knowing that a Giuliani victory in the primary will split the Republican Party enough to guarantee a victory for Hillary then isn't a vote for Giuliani in the primary really a vote for Hillary?

The "values voters" that these Christian leaders speak for are not playing. You may love them or hate them. You may think they are being admirably principled or pathetically stupid, but one thing is certain. They are deadly serious. When Bill Clinton got caught getting sucked off by an intern who was young enough to be his daughter a great many people said that his personal moral failures reveal a character which is too flawed to be deserving of such a high honor as the presidency.

Rudolph Giuliani's moral failures put him in the same ballpark characterwise as Bill Clinton (although to be fair Rudy has never been credibly accused of forcible rape as Clinton has) and if Christians who wanted Clinton to resign irrespective of whether his perjury was grounds for impeachment turn around and give Giuliani a pass they reveal themselves to be hypocrites and that is something they will refuse to do.

So here is another question for Rudy's supporters. Is it worth voting for him in the primary when you know he can't win the general? Say it isn't his fault. Blame it on those dumb-ass thumpers and their dumb-ass morals [spit] but acknowledge reality and face the fact that Giuliani can't win.