Monday, October 22, 2007

Quote of the week

Liberalism is a spent force today, not only because of a philosophical undoing, but because it has been tried, tested and failed in critical ways and at critical times over four decades in social, economic and national security matters. It is conservative ideas in practice that have reinvigorated and sustained our economy for two decades, reduced welfare dependency and put criminals behind bars, for example. And it is the conservative embrace of American greatness that permits the nation to confront and defeat its enemies. Conservatives are generating original ideas for societal renewal and transformation, and those ideas center on moving the nation away from the outmoded big government/welfare state model created by liberals in the last century to a society where choice, initiative, responsibility and hard work are rewarded, not penalized.

The future of the nation will not be decided by a renewed liberalism, but by a principled, dynamic conservatism.

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