Monday, October 08, 2007

The real Mrs. Clinton rears her head

NEW HAMPTON, Iowa -- At a campaign stop here, Hillary Clinton sparred verbally for several minutes with a man who pressed her on her recent vote to call Iran's army a terrorist organization.

Randall Rolph, from nearby Nashua, asked why he should support Clinton's candidacy when she did not appear to have learned any lessons from having voted to authorize force in Iraq.

Clinton thanked him for the question and explained her Iran vote would lay the groundwork for using diplomacy and sanctions to pressure that government.

Clinton accused the man of being a plant who had been sent to ask the question, to which he took exception, saying the question was a result of his own research.

This is the real reason for the Hillary Cackle. She cannot control her emotions so when a question makes her angry her handlers have convinced her that she must display an emotion. Anger would turn off the voters so she issues forth with that wierd "laugh".

Obviously she either forgot to laugh or she didn't consider some pissant questioner from flyover country important enough to waste it on or she (or her handlers) have figured out the laugh is doing more harm than good and have gone back to the drawing board.