Friday, October 05, 2007

Reason no. 4534756013245356 why the MSM is losing viewers/readers

From The Examiner:

Chris Matthews had barely finished praising his colleagues at the 10th anniversary party for his “Hardball” show Thursday night in Washington, D.C. when his remarks turned political and pointed, even suggesting that the Bush administration had "finally been caught in their criminality."

In front of an audience that included such notables as Alan Greenspan, Rep. Patrick Kennedy and Sen. Ted Kennedy, Matthews began his remarks by declaring that he wanted to "make some news" and he certainly didn't disappoint. After praising the drafters of the First Amendment for allowing him to make a living, he outlined what he said was the fundamental difference between the Bush and Clinton administrations.

The Clinton camp, he said, never put pressure on his bosses to silence him.

“Not so this crowd,” he added, explaining that Bush White House officials -- especially those from Vice President Cheney's office -- called MSNBC brass to complain about the content of his show and attempted to influence its editorial content. "They will not silence me!" Matthews declared.

"They've finally been caught in their criminality," Matthews continued, although he did not specify the exact criminal behavior to which he referred. He then drew an obvious Bush-Nixon parallel by saying, “Spiro Agnew was not an American hero."

Matthews left the throng of Washington A-listers with a parting shot at Cheney: “God help us if we had Cheney during the Cuban missile crisis. We’d all be under a parking lot.”

Following his remarks, a few network insiders and party goers wondered what kind of effect Matthews' sharp criticism of the White House would have on Tuesday's Republican debate in Dearborn, Michigan, which Matthews co-moderates alongside CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

"I find it hard to believe that Republican candidates will feel as if they're being given a fair shot at Tuesday's debate given the partisan pot-shots lobbed by Matthews this evening," said one attendee.

Chris, why would the Clinton administration have tried to "silence" one of their most effective shills?

Just as a little experiment why don't you go hot and heavy after Hillary's fundraising scandals. Make sure you draw all the logical parallels between the current illegal Chinese money flowing into her campaign coffers and the illegal Chinese money that flowed into Bill's campaign war chest.

While you are at it why don't you look into who has contributed to Bill Clinton's library and his foundation and explore the ties between those tax exempt organizations and Hillary's campaign. Who knows what you might find.

You might also look at how donors who want to skirt the McCain-Feingold limits on campaign giving are able to hire Bill to give a speech or act as a consultant and thus funnel large amounts of money into the Hillary campaign through the back door. This works just like it did back in the old days when anyone wishing to bribe governor Clinton only had to hire Hillary of the Rose Law Firm and pay her a large retainer and the need to pass an envelope of cash under the table of a smoky Little Rock bar was eliminated.

You do any of these things Chris and you'll find out how quickly some thug on the Clinton payroll will be on the phone to your bosses telling them that if they don't stuff a sock in your pie-hole that your entire network will lose access to both Clintons. You know, just like they did to GQ when they had a negative story spiked on the threat of lost access to BJ Bill for the entire Condé Nast family of publications.

But you won't do any of these things Chris because you are nothing but a miserable slimy little partisan hack without the slightest shred of integrity.


Matthews has explained that he was talking about Scooter Libby.