Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Share your Halloween spook stories

I've noticed that some blogs are doing a "post your encounters with the ghostly, supernatural or paranormal" thing for Halloween. If anyone has such an experience they wish to share feel free to leave it in the comments.

As for me, I got nothing.

I live in a haunted house. It is so haunted that families that have rented the place have fled not only with the rent paid but have abandoned their possessions. They report hearing a baby crying, music playing and footsteps walking about the house. They also report the apparition of a woman, sometimes nude, walking around the house.

My parents reported hearing the footsteps which walked around the house for over an hour before walking "up the chimney and off into space". They also saw a globe of light floating around one of the bedrooms.

My mother also says that early one morning (around 3:00 AM) she woke up to see a transparent woman standing at the foot of her bed pointing at her. This was right before she gave birth to one of my older brothers, the one who died shortly after birth.

My grandmother said that she frequently heard the music and the crying baby and often saw something that looked like a large black lion or panther walk around the outside of the house and then leap across the road only to vanish in midair.

But as for me, I got nothing. Never seen or heard anything weird and frankly I'm happy to keep it that way.