Friday, October 19, 2007

Sorry Tommy

Thomas Lifson writes in Real Clear Politics:

Rush Limbaugh's political jiu-jitsu masterstroke comes to a climax at 1 PM, EDT today, when the ebay auction for the letter sent by 41 Senate Democrats to the CEO of his syndicator Clear Channel ends. With four hours left, the bid has already toppped two million dollars, with the purchase price to be donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, benefitting the education of children of deceased Marines and federal law enforcement personnel. Because Rush Limbaugh has offered to match the purchase price, the total donation will possibly exceed four million dollars.

The Mainstream Media have so far virtually blacked out the story, but when the auction is over and a highly impressive sum is paid, will they continue to ignore it? After all, the auction of a grilled cheese sandwich claimed to display the image of the Virgin Mary fetched only $28,000 and received widespread publicity in the US and overseas. Someone paying a million bucks or more for a contemporary letter is pretty big news, even without the charity angle. And this is no food product bearing a resemblance to sacred art, this is a historic document signed by 80% of the majority caucus of what is commonly alleged to be the world's greatest deliberative body.

Rush Limbaugh has outsmarted the Democratic Leadership of the Senate and cornered the media. If the media do not cover the auction results, they will look ridiculous. The letter is easy enough to explain that it will inevitably be discussed at water coolers, sports events, churches, parties, and other get-togethers. But if the media do cover it, they must include some explanation for the high price, and that will make Reid and the Democrats look silly or worse.

No such luck. As you can see from the ABC story I linked to below the MSM's storyline is going to be that Rush Limbaugh did call servicemen who oppose the war "phoney soldiers" and that the auction was his attempt to distract people from that fact.

The only thing that surprises me is that Harry Reid isn't out there claiming that the big donation to the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Fund was Rush's way of apologizing to the troops for insulting them.

Of course the Left knows that they've been punked. SondraK had this to say on her blog, Knowledge is Power:

The left is in their desperate last throes and from the crescendo of insanity since they “took control” of congress it’s clear that they have lost complete control of themselves.

Think about it.... everyone knows what it’s like to be livid, red with anger and spitting nails. Think about when you’ve felt like that. You couldn’t think straight, your head starts pounding and it takes a lot of effort to handle it like the rational folks we are. The left is in perpetual misery. No human mind can sustain that emotion for very long periods of time.

And they have no boundaries.

I briefly bopped about the usual liberal hotspots to get a vibe of what’s going on in their little world and it hit me.

They’re like mental suicide bombers.

She then posted this screen capture from the comments to her post: