Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A study in contempt for America

I saw this picture on some blog and assumed that it was a photoshop because of the stair-step layout of the people in front of the floating flag. Then I saw it over on Shooting the Messengers and read what the context of the photo was and then I suspected even more that it was a photoshop, but apparently it isn't.

B. Hussein Obama is standing there, his hands folded over his pecker, while the national anthem is being played. Even Mrs. Bill Clinton is pretending to show respect for the Star Spangled Banner but Hussein is just standing there with an ill concealed smirk of contempt for the anthem, the flag, the nation they stand for and the offay hillbilly crackers who could be moved by such foolishness.

This would be a much bigger deal if Hussein had the slightest chance of winning the nomination, but we all know that won't happen. Which leads me to wonder if this isn't some kind of bid to get the VP slot offered to him.