Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tonight's Music

This is Capercaillie perfroming their song Port na Caillich (The Old Crone) from their CD Choice Language.

Nice cheerful sounding song, right?

Here is a translation of the lyrics:

When I go to market
The old crone comes after me
Coughing her lungs out,
And I have to sit and wait for her.

I come home from the harvest work
Worn out and cold,
To get cold brose,
A whole cas dubh full.

I'd come home from ploughing
Worn out and weak:
I'd see things that weren't there
This spectre sitting beside me.

I'd come home from the cattle
Worn out and weary:
I'd go to lie down by myself
And she stretched her black bones (? ) beside me.

A thousand blessings* on any young lad
Who'd willingly marry an old crone:
Never mind silver or gold
Her black bones mangled me.

A thousand blessings on Death:
He has relieved many a man.
He took away my own old crone
I'm delighted that she's dead.