Thursday, November 08, 2007

HWT Christmas Gift Guide

There was a time when a gentleman would not leave the house without a walking stick. That was also a time when he would not leave home without a weapon of some kind and often the two were combined.

Canes which concealed or incorporated a weapon of one sort or another were once quite common. I have seen canes which were single shot firearms, both cartridge and black powder. There were also canes which depended upon rugged construction and a heavy metal head to be devastating impact weapons. Some would sprout sharp spikes with a twist or contain a spring loaded knife blade.

However the most common weapon to be combined with the walking stick was the short sword. Sword canes were once very popular and very functional as more than a few men would tell you, if the dead could speak.

Cold Steel Skull Head Sword Cane w/ Carbon Fiber Shaft

Although the walking cane isn't as ubiquitous as it once was there are still times and places where you can carry one without raising too many eyebrows, especially if you are older. And even if it is never taken out of the house it still makes a good addition to the collection of anyone who fancies fine edged weapons.

Cold Steel is a quality manufacturer of fine blades and Amazon's price of $175.99 is a great deal less than the MSRP of $250.00.