Sunday, November 11, 2007

HWT Christmas Gift Guide

Say you're a figurehead monarch of an European nation forced by the duties of your office to attend some international gathering. Further let's say you are forced to sit beside some Third World piece of gutter sewage as he makes some semi-literate speech attacking the character of a legitimate head of government from your ancient and proud nation.

Of course you tell this piece of filth to shut up, but suppose he doesn't? What then?

You could always pull out your handgun, which you as an Oh So Special Person can carry anywhere you go, but just shooting the little turd isn't good enough. What you really crave is the tactile pleasure of feeling his skull splinter as you bash it in with an impact weapon.

This is where the Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Indestructible Bat comes in handy.

This "baseball bat" is made of the same high impact plastic as the police PR-24 baton. It will allow you to beat some Central American communist "leader's" head to mush without any fear of breakage.

I advise you to purchase one today.