Thursday, November 15, 2007

HWT Christmas Gift Guide

If someone on your Christmas list (some close unless you are rich) is a shooter they have noticed the steep rise in the price of ammunition in recent months. There can be few better gifts for the firearms aficionado than a quality reloading press.

The Dillon XL 650 is one of the finest progressive reloaders on the market. In fact in order to get a better machine you would have to spend more than twice the money for a Dillon for a professional grade Dillon 1050.
The XL 650 is a Mechanically indexed 5 station progressive reloading press with an available motorized case feeder. One pull of the handle will feed a case from the case feed tube, deprime and resize a case, seat a new primer, bell the case mouth and drop a powder charge check the powder charge, seat the bullet, crimp the case and eject a loaded cartridge into the bin.
With the optional case feeder production rates of up to 800 rounds per hour can be sustained.
At a base price of $489.95 the machine can cut the price of handgun ammunition in half and, if you shoot as much as I like to, pay for itself within a year.