Sunday, November 18, 2007

HWT Christmas Gift Guide

The Spyderco Civilian is one of the most interesting knives they manufacture:

In the 1990s Spyderco was approached by a specialized branch of U.S. law enforcement about making a knife for their undercover agents. These plain-clothed Law Enforcement Officers found themselves in situations where they often could not carry a firearm but carrying a knife was not a problem. Most had no formal training in self-defense tactics or MBC (Martial Blade Craft) but as a last resort could use a blade to protect or extricate themselves from a life-threatening situation. This was how the Civilian model came to be. The Civilian has a patented reverse "S" blade that's intended to be used like an oversized claw. The tip is ground to an ultra-thin profile. Because of its distinctly specialized features it is not intended or designed for general utility or everyday use. One of the most specialized CLIPITS in the Spyderco line-up, the Civilian is available in limited quantities.

I purchased my Civilian over ten years ago at the Smoky Mountain Knife Works in Sevierville, Tennessee about 10 years ago. I paid something like $256.00 for it. The price has since been reduced to $164.99 (the MSRP is still $257.95) at the Tennessee location, but has the Civilian for $143.69.
If you live in a jurisdiction where Stalinist laws prevent you from carrying a handgun, but still retain enough freedom to possess a folding knife the Civilian is a good choice.