Sunday, November 18, 2007

Islamofascist repellent

From The Brussels Journal:

A quote from Jerry Gordon at American Congress for Truth, 11 November 2007

The October electoral victory [in Switzerland] of the right-wing SVP may bring shudders to the obsessively PC Eurabians, but it may explain a lot about why the grandson of the founder the Muslim Brotherhood, Tariq Ramadan decamped from Geneva – he is a Swiss-born citizen, to take a Professorship at Holland's prestigious University of Leiden.

A quote from Paul Belien at VDARE, 9 November 2004

In his last column, [Theo] Van Gogh had praised the Flemings, the Dutch-speaking inhabitants of Flanders, the northern half of Belgium, because they had managed to get rid of the local Antwerp Muslim leader Dyab Abu Jahjah.

Van Gogh noted Jahjah’s announcement in a Flemish newspaper that he is about to leave Belgium because too many Flemings vote Vlaams Blok.

"The sooner I can leave, the better," Jahjah said. "Flemings are stupid idiots. One million of them voted Vlaams Blok."

He announced that he would soon be returning to his native Lebanon. And he added a farewell message:

"Every American, British or Dutch soldier that gets killed in Iraq, is a victory to me. I hope many more will follow."