Friday, November 16, 2007

Lapdog Blitzer and the pack of geldings

From Drudge:

CNN debate moderator Wolf Blitzer did an 'outstanding' job in Vegas, a senior adviser to the Hillary campaign said early Friday. 'He was outstanding, and did not gang up like Russert did in Philadelphia. He avoided the personal attacks, remained professional and ran the best debate so far. Voters were the big winners last night.'

A rival campaign insider charges: 'Wolf turned into a lamb. No follow-up question on Clinton's huge flip on drivers licenses?'

During the Clinton administration CNN earned the nickname Clinton News Network.

There was simply no way that Wolf's masters were going to allow him to make Mrs. Bill Clinton look bad, especially since she is the Democrat Party's anointed candidate.

If Wolf Blitzer's "star power" were such that he could have left CNN and stepped into a better paying job with another network he might have "gone rogue" and did his job as a journalist by asking Mrs. Bill Clinton real questions and pointed followups, but Blitzer knows that he has reached the apex of his career with his gig at CNN and that there is nowhere for him to go but down.

So it was go out and be a good little lapdog and make the nation's evil stepmother look semi-human and semi-competent.

If Hillary was going to be reduced to incoherence again by her inability to take a stand on a topic which she desperately wants to avoid (anything remotely controversial) it was going to fall to her opponents and clearly they were not up to the task. Perhaps in the next debate if they will let their wives attend in their place?

Seriously, the "men" in that debate last night did themselves a great deal of harm. Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be a coward and an intellectual lightweight who collapses when stood up to. She went into that debate deeply vulnerable and by not pressing her the pack of geldings showed themselves to be even weaker and more cowardly than she is.