Saturday, November 03, 2007

There are some Republicans you just don't need

From The New York Sun:

In a rare move, Mayor Bloomberg will make an endorsement today in an out-of-state, local election, throwing his support behind a moderate Republican clinging to her state Senate seat in Northern Virginia. At a joint appearance near the Dulles International Airport, Mr. Bloomberg will endorse Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, a state senator from Fairfax whose husband is Rep. Tom Davis, the former chairman of the House Government Reform Committee.

The Devolites Davis campaign announced the endorsement yesterday afternoon.

The key issue is guns, where Ms. Devolites Davis has broken with her party to support increased background checks for gun owners, and the National Rifle Association has even endorsed her Democratic opponent, J. Chapman Petersen. …

Ms. Devolites Davis’s campaign said she has supported efforts to keep criminals from buying weapons at gun shows and has backed allowing local governments to ban firearms on school property. Most importantly for Mr. Bloomberg, however, would be her vote against a bill in the Virginia legislature outlawing the sting operations that New York City conducted against gun shops that engaged in illegal straw purchases. …

Mr. Davis and the mayor have known each other for a long time and said to hold similar views on many issues.

Here is one of her television spots:

The NRA has endorsed her Democrat opponant (does NOW or the NAACP ever show that kind of independace?).

There are some politicans whose presence in your party is just too expensive to endure.

H/T: The Bitch Girls